NYC is facing a public safety crisis. We must invest in law enforcement and build the relationship between police and the communities they serve. All citizens have the right to clean and safe streets and subways. We must address gun violence by arresting and prosecuting those that bring guns into our city and those that carry them illegally.


Every child has the right to an education. A right to read and do math at grade level and graduate from high school. And parents have the right to know what their kids are learning and should be able to choose the school that is best for their child. Parents should also have the right to have input into what their children are being taught in schools. 


Small businesses in NYC were devastated by overly long and broad lockdowns. The cost of living in New York City is driving people from our communities. We need an all-of-government approach to ease the financial pain hard-working New York families are experiencing. We need responsible budgeting, sound fiscal policy and regulatory reform to make it easier to start and run a business in New York from our leaders in Washington, DC.


We need to simplify the tax code, restore full SALT deductions and support hard working New Yorkers. The removal of SALT deductions for New Yorkers was an economic blow that caused disproportionate pain to our state as compared to the country.


An honest cost benefit analysis of Covid mitigation strategies on our city’s economy, workforce, families, seniors and students shows us that the cost was staggeringly high, and the benefits too little. In the present we must end all restrictions on youth–from toddlers to teens–who face the lowest risk and highest restrictions and continue to invest in therapeutics and long-term care for those who need it.


Title IX is the landmark Civil Rights education legislation which guarantees equal opportunities to girls and women at federally-funded institutions. Girls and women’s sports must remain single sex. Women’s prison and domestic violence shelters must remain single sex.


As a long time supporter of lesbian and gay rights, I am proud to run for congress in a district that includes Stonewall. While serving on Community Board 2, I voted in support of the resolution to make Stonewall a federal historic monument and will continue to celebrate and stand with the lesbian and gay community of NYC.


The transgender community in New York is vibrant and all transgender individuals should have robust civil liberties protections including anti-discrimination measures in housing and employment law. Gender dysphoric youth and their families must have access to a full range of unencumbered mental health care to assist young people and their families in making thoughtful decisions about how to address their dysphoria.


Providing affordable, accessible health care to all Americans is crucial and improves our nation’s economic health. The Covid-19 pandemic made clear that we have more work to do to make sure all Americans have access to paid sick leave, affordable prescription drugs and the ability to visit a doctor when necessary.


We need to support ideas that keep us competitive, create jobs and improve American lives. In every industry there is an opportunity to inject technological innovation. But we need smart regulation without overburdening companies that create jobs with red tape. 


Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East and a true, long-standing ally of the United States. I reject the BDS movement, the anti-semitism which informs it and condemn the violence it stokes towards the Jewish community in Israel, the United States and throughout the world. 


The United States learned painful lessons from our long engagement in Afghanistan and Iraq. We can and should support democracy where it is sought. But our first responsibility is to protect our own nation, secure our borders and provide safety and prosperity for the American people.

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