Maud Maron is an attorney with over two decades of experience as a public defender. She was a Clinical Professor of Law at Cardozo Law School where she taught the Criminal Defense Clinic and also served as the Director of Training at the Legal Aid Society.


After being elected School Board President of Manhattan’s largest school district, Maud co-founded an education organization, PLACE NYC, to advocate for merit-based admissions and high-quality curricula in NYC public schools. She is also a founding advisory board member of the civil rights organization FAIR.


Maud is an outspoken advocate for parents regarding high-quality academics; the reopening of schools; and of removing mask and quarantine requirements. She is also a vocal defender of downtown communities, battling re-zoning plans which displace long-term residents; and flawed resiliency projects which destroy mature trees and deprive residents of green parks.


Her written work has appeared in Newsweek, NY Daily News, NYPost, and Common Sense Bari Weiss Substack, among others. And she has appeared on local and national news programs including Inside City Hall, Tucker Carlson, America Reports, Megyn Kelly.


Maud is a native New Yorker and mother of four children who attend NYC public schools. Maud and her husband, Juan Pablo, who immigrated to New York in 1999, are both deeply involved in their children’s schools and sports teams, serving as elected School Leadership Team members and as parent volunteers at Little League and soccer clubs.

I believe in standing up for what is right and fighting for what you believe in. In Congress, I will fight for a safer, cleaner, more affordable city that serves the needs of tax-payers and the families that form the backbone of our communities.


We need safe subways and the ability to walk down the streets without fear. We need open schools, thriving local businesses and more parks with mature trees and green spaces. We do not need more homeless shelters, needle exchange centers or open air drug markets in our parks. 


We need leaders who will fight for us.

I have watched the city I was born in, and where my four children were born, cycle from crime and grime to a prosperous, flourishing city–and now we are heading back again to the bad old days, the result of failed leadership.


When I started Barnard college in 1989 there were 2,246 homicides in our city. When my youngest son was born in 2016 that number had dropped to 630. That was no accident. It was the result of policy choices made by our elected leaders and several years of hard work by public servants tasked with making our city safe.


The current increase in crime, street homelessness, in litter, graffiti, and filth on our streets is the result of deliberate choices, poor policies and bad laws enacted by politicians who prioritize ideology over practicality. We need to course correct and we need leaders who will fix the real problems in our city.

  • Provide New York City with federal support for crime reduction including gun safety efforts that help keep guns off our streets
  • Reduce inflation and encourage energy independence
  • Protect our parks and neighborhoods from rezoning plans that get it wrong
  • Keep our schools open and functioning normally because all kids need safe, dependable, open schools and reliable services
  • Restore SALT deductions to New Yorkers who pay higher taxes than the rest of the country
  • Protect the Title IX guarantees of single-sex sports and due process on campus
  • Ensure women’s rights to access the full range of reproductive health care and to be called women and mothers
  • Support fair immigration laws that respect our borders and prioritize legal immigration
  • Enact foreign policy that prioritizes American safety and economic security and does not involve U.S. troops in protracted wars

Right now we have elected officials that are kneeling to an ideology instead of standing up for us. The current crop of career politicians–the socialists, the squad, the ‘defund the police’ hypocrites and the failed leaders who have gotten it wrong will make it worse. It’s time for a change.

I will fight for the residents of New York’s 10th Congressional District because I love our city and I know what we need to make it safe, livable, and prosperous.

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