"Political observers and local residents wary of the city’s decline say Maron, who has street cred among the district’s deep-blue Democrat base and a willingness to challenge party orthodoxy, is gaining momentum."
New York Post
"Washington Square Park crisis key to City Council race," Oct. 30



About Maud Maron

A Leader.

Maud Maron is a mom, a public defender, an elected Community Education Council (CEC) Member and a New Yorker. And she ran for City Council to represent Lower Manhattan as a common sense candidate because we need strong, bold, common-sense leadership. And that was just the beginning…

A Defender.

As a staff attorney in Manhattan and the Bronx Maud has represented thousands of New Yorkers in criminal court. She also worked as Director of Training for newly hired attorneys, and as a Clinical Professor at the Cardozo Law School where she taught third year law students. She has years of experience as a practitioner and as a teacher with a successful track record representing her clients. Maud knows how to stand up for others and make sure their voices are heard; their rights are protected; and their needs are met.

A Reformer.

Also elected to the Community Education Council, Maud is proud to be on the team that secured $2.6 million for an innovative, data-driven integration proposal for the district. Maud championed and helped establish the first Universal Pre-K Dual Language program in the district. Maud also served on the Greenwich Village Little League Board, and Community Board 2 for five years.